Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Night

Hello bloggers,

Well its another after-midnight summer night and I'm up as usual, but instead of being able to sleep in until my body feels I have sufficient sleep, I have to wake up around 630 (regular school time) to go in and change my schedule. Then I'm staying in until 1 to help coach the youth football camp, which is a fun time, but some of the kids are little brats. Its for the greater good so I suck it up. I digress, I'm still unsure, but I think I want to change my class level for English. I'm currently enrolled in AP Literature, a very challenging and exciting class that I am thrilled to be a part of, especially after seeing how AP Language was this year, but the work load is at least double that of the next level down, Honors English 12. I enjoy the challenge, and I probably have the time to do the work, but it leaves me very little leisure time, time to play music, or do my own independent study, two things that make me very happy. So I'm stuck in this dilemma, and I think, after doing well and then giving up on doing work and losing a good grade this year, that I am going to take the easy road out and go for English Honors. I figure this will give me a much easier work load and I'll be able to continue to learn piano, sing in the choir, play football, possibly baseball, and have fun my senior year while still maintaining good grades. Hopefully this works out for me in the long run.

Danny Boy

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