Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get Ready Bloggers

I don't like to have to worry about the way I form my sentences, or the way I write (or type for that matter). So from here on out, as long as I feel like it, I will stop worrying about the way sentences sound for more than the instant it comes to my mind. I won't worry about capitalizing "i"s or misspelling words. I think the best way for me to record my thoughts in words is in this manner: i don't have to worry about these errors of translation, translation from my thoughts to English. i don't think in english language, not many of us do. We have our own language of thought in our mind that we interpret and apply to english. it is a settlement. For me i realize that my words are only a settlement for the true meaning. i want to read the dictionary for this reason: so i can better my vocabulary and get a better deal with my mind. I sometimes stutter or hesitate when speaking for this reason, and people misjudge it for stupidity. I guess they don't see that its the exact opposite, its understanding and contemplation. I understand the strong effects and implications that language holds, and that my choice of words is vital to the conveyance of my message. So far, in my time with others, I can only remember one or two occasions where i believed that the other person truly understood what i meant: that we were both in tune with each other. My words were enough. That is not too common. I wish i could have that more. I know i talk a lot. if you don't like it, sorry, thats me :)

Danny Boy

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