Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Who Am I?"

I feel the best ever right now... on these nights when my voice is so warmed up that singing is purely effortless and i feel no boundaries to what i can do with my voice. On these nights i can express myself purely through my voice. I feel a physical and emotional release when i belt the notes in the top of my range and on these nights, i never sounded better. I picture myself on stage with the greatest performing, at last, Les Miserables with full cast and an audience. I am happy. Bring Him Home, brings me to tears or somewhere very close to it almost every time I sing it. I have become very emotionally attached to this music in particular. I feel like I'm becoming Jean Valjean. You may think i'm obsessing by reading this, but who are you to judge what is important and true and beautiful and worth my time and effort? Who are you to tell me what is an acceptable amount of effort and care to put into a certain thing? I love this show and the music in the show and I intend to do my best possible job in March to show the audience what I'm really capable of, and who Jean Valjean really is. "Who Am I?", I'm Jean Valjean!

Sincerely Yours,

Monsieur Madeleine
Jean Valjean
Prisoner 24601