Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Good Day

I almost forgot what it felt like to have a good day. A good day has been so hard to come by lately, and although its not over, it is certainly been a great day so far. I woke up pretty early, had a nice breakfast, and read in the morning. Then I went and played a round of golf with my dad and uncle. When I got back my family ate at my aunt and uncles and I had close to a literal ton of steak, shrimp, and chicken. To top it all off I had my great aunt's homemade Italian pastries from Queens that I haven't had in years. So yes, this day was great, full of things I enjoy: golf, family, and food. I'm glad to say that although all days haven't been great, they have all been tremendous learning experiences. Every day is a lesson, and just as much of a blessing to me as ever. I hope this day is a good preview of what July will be like for me: a month of freedom and ability to do as I please. I like that

Danny Boy

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Night

Hello bloggers,

Well its another after-midnight summer night and I'm up as usual, but instead of being able to sleep in until my body feels I have sufficient sleep, I have to wake up around 630 (regular school time) to go in and change my schedule. Then I'm staying in until 1 to help coach the youth football camp, which is a fun time, but some of the kids are little brats. Its for the greater good so I suck it up. I digress, I'm still unsure, but I think I want to change my class level for English. I'm currently enrolled in AP Literature, a very challenging and exciting class that I am thrilled to be a part of, especially after seeing how AP Language was this year, but the work load is at least double that of the next level down, Honors English 12. I enjoy the challenge, and I probably have the time to do the work, but it leaves me very little leisure time, time to play music, or do my own independent study, two things that make me very happy. So I'm stuck in this dilemma, and I think, after doing well and then giving up on doing work and losing a good grade this year, that I am going to take the easy road out and go for English Honors. I figure this will give me a much easier work load and I'll be able to continue to learn piano, sing in the choir, play football, possibly baseball, and have fun my senior year while still maintaining good grades. Hopefully this works out for me in the long run.

Danny Boy

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get Ready Bloggers

I don't like to have to worry about the way I form my sentences, or the way I write (or type for that matter). So from here on out, as long as I feel like it, I will stop worrying about the way sentences sound for more than the instant it comes to my mind. I won't worry about capitalizing "i"s or misspelling words. I think the best way for me to record my thoughts in words is in this manner: i don't have to worry about these errors of translation, translation from my thoughts to English. i don't think in english language, not many of us do. We have our own language of thought in our mind that we interpret and apply to english. it is a settlement. For me i realize that my words are only a settlement for the true meaning. i want to read the dictionary for this reason: so i can better my vocabulary and get a better deal with my mind. I sometimes stutter or hesitate when speaking for this reason, and people misjudge it for stupidity. I guess they don't see that its the exact opposite, its understanding and contemplation. I understand the strong effects and implications that language holds, and that my choice of words is vital to the conveyance of my message. So far, in my time with others, I can only remember one or two occasions where i believed that the other person truly understood what i meant: that we were both in tune with each other. My words were enough. That is not too common. I wish i could have that more. I know i talk a lot. if you don't like it, sorry, thats me :)

Danny Boy

Prove Me Wrong

Dear No One,

I heard people did this, and it sounded really cool, but I immediately knew it wasn't for me. Even though I write journals all the time, its never public, only for myself. However I recently read a few blogs from people I know and I figured that they might enjoy reading my thoughts as I did theirs. I initially didn't want to create a blog because I thought no one cared to read what I have to say, but maybe I'll be wrong.
One thing I liked about the blogs I've read was how well written they actually were. They were interesting, clear and concise (I hope that I don't ramble too much in these). I loved how the titles were so well chosen, something I doubt I'll do effectively. If I did chose a witty, appropriate title, I'd have to write it at the end of writing my piece, or at least midway through, as I did with this blog. So,, prove me wrong.

Danny Boy