Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Prove Me Wrong

Dear No One,

I heard people did this, and it sounded really cool, but I immediately knew it wasn't for me. Even though I write journals all the time, its never public, only for myself. However I recently read a few blogs from people I know and I figured that they might enjoy reading my thoughts as I did theirs. I initially didn't want to create a blog because I thought no one cared to read what I have to say, but maybe I'll be wrong.
One thing I liked about the blogs I've read was how well written they actually were. They were interesting, clear and concise (I hope that I don't ramble too much in these). I loved how the titles were so well chosen, something I doubt I'll do effectively. If I did chose a witty, appropriate title, I'd have to write it at the end of writing my piece, or at least midway through, as I did with this blog. So, blogger.com, prove me wrong.

Danny Boy

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