Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Well, its the 4th of July, the date that marks the day the United States of America declared their independence from England. It brings me to think about our government and how our nation was founded. I dislike statements of "fuck the police" and those who advocate anarchy. Do those people not recognize that our founding fathers were not dumb and that the past is not so different from the present, in that it is not so out of the ordinary to believe that our founding fathers had a similar enough environment to understand the pro's and con's of such a practice. Anarchy can not be a viable option, because the people are too dumb to understand it's real use. It would serve the intellectuals fine, but those who cannot see what good may come of it would abuse this new "freedom". And so it is not "freedom" that would be granted by anarchy, but chaos. There must be a presence to keep the individual in place. If one believes that they can do anything they like without punishment, they do not understand the place of government. It is to regulate and help the greater good.
On matters such as economics and foreign policy, everyone has their own opinion and most think that there is a better way than the methods of the current government. However not many realize how much more complex such decisions are. There are more factors in play than one could possibly imagine. I am in no way taking defense of politicians, because many are corrupt and there could be much better people, but I am defending the doctrines of our government.
As for the intellectuals, who I do respect, who consider anarchy as an option, I still see faulty logic. I understand that one may think that they do not need a group of elderly, wealthy, men to decide how their lives will be governed, but it comes down to the fact that they are not governing 'your' life, but the way all are affected.

I can't even finish this blog, so I'll leave it open ended. I can't address all opposition to structured government at this time, so I'll leave it open to comment. If I come across the rest of my argument, maybe I will finish it, but I just can't seem to finish at this time and that's alright with me.

Danny Boy

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