Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reason... and its Fight with "The World" (as they see it)

I haven't posted a blog in a while, mainly because I haven't had sufficient motivation to, but after a good talk with a very smart and understanding man today and a good episode of Criminal Minds I am ready to go. I'm getting rather sick of a certain group of individuals I come in contact with (I'm almost sure none of them will ever read this blog, if that's not a dead giveaway I don't think you'll ever know). These certain individuals aren't very intelligent like the group of friends I prefer and enjoy to be around, and what bothers me most is their lack of maturity and insight. Argument and rebuttal are useless with these individuals because they deny reason. "Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone." -Ayn Rand. There is little chance of me making any progress with this group and right now I understand and accept that the best option is to simply try to "leave them alone." While I am forced to be with them almost every day for hours at a time from now until November, I'll have to find a better way to interact with them because the current lack of respect from them is not acceptable. I don't mind keeping to yourself and not making the best of friends with me, but if you are going attempt to make a fool of someone for no other reason than that you do not have something I possess, that being a fully functional brain, or for none other than a need for a scapegoat for your own problems, look elsewhere, for I am not this target. I don't take this kind of treatment and I certainly don't deserve it. I try to leave these individuals alone, but I cannot control the actions of others. I'd like to see them try to stop my assertive personality, because "the question is not who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me?" -Ayn Rand.
But I completely understand that "the truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it" -Ayn Rand, and that is clearly something these individuals do not care to discover. Not everyone grows up, but hopefully some of these people do.
I am not a brute, or a jock; I consider myself of more the intellectual/artistic type. I am the guy who finds humor and enjoyment in the subtleties of conversation or in an intellectual conversation, and not one whose pride and values are bounded at my physical abilities or how funny the masses thought my "come-back" was. I do not put physical activity outside of my capacity for enjoyment, but I do place it below intellectual endeavors. I think its rather obvious that I'm talking about football, and if you haven't figured it out already, you never would have anyway. I enjoy staying in shape and bettering my physical condition and the challenge of the game, but I don't like the lack of respect I get from my teammates.
So before any "choir kid" or any other non-sport judges me, they should understand that I'm not some football meathead, but merely an intellectual who remains involved in the physical endeavors that I have been committed to since early childhood. I am an intellectual at heart and in mind, but I find pride, not shame, in the fact that I can also take part in sports and do well while still taking AP and Honors classes. Judge me if you like, but I and the very smart Ayn Rand would likely say you are one who denies reason.

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